Saturday, June 21, 2008

Entertaining Elizabeth

Other than being absolutely adorable in almost all ways, Elizabeth has two specific things that are especially entertaining right now. The first is that she does not appreciate singing. Especially my singing. This is very disconcerting to me, considering my other two potential fans (Nate and Harrison), don't really appreciate it either. Nate's famous line is, "Who sings that song?" (Meaning, Carrie Underwood or whoever, not you). Harrison likes when I sing songs for him, but if I'm singing my songs he often says, "Mom, you're being like donkey." (Remember in Shrek, when Donkey won't stop singing and it's getting on Shrek's nerves?) So, I was very sad when Elizabeth joined the crowd. Every time I sing, she yells, "BAH!" in a commanding tone. It's her way of saying, "Stop!" Harrison thinks it's hilarious, so they've made a game of him singing, "When somebody loves me. . ." (that's the song he picks every time, cute huh?) and then she screams, "Bah!" In my mind, creating someone who recognizes that I have a decent voice is just one more reason to have another kid!

So, the other funny thing Elizabeth does is stuff things down her shirt. It started about a month ago at my mom's when she found a tray of little colored chalk pieces. When I unbuttoned her onesie, it sounded like a hail storm as chalk chunks fell onto the floor. Then when I undid her diaper, I found several more pieces of chalk. Lots of the things stuffed down her shirt end up in her diaper. Other things I have found in her onesie/diaper are: raisins, fruit loops, blocks, her boppies (pacifiers), a battery, matchbox cars, blocks (see pictures), rubber gloves, a coupon, and rocks. What a funny girl!


SUP3RH3R0 said...

Elizabeth sure is cute. You need to come visit again.

Melissa said...

Oh man, I am totally laughing again!