Monday, June 23, 2008

7 Years (well, actually 14) and Counting!


Here's a little walk down memory lane with one picture from each summer since we got married!

This is us on our honeymoon in Hawaii in 2001. We thought it was so funny that we saw this Watabe Wedding store just a few days after our wedding!
Here we are at my sister's high school graduation in Bangkok, Thailand in 2002. Love those highlights, honey!
This is us in upstate New York (where Nate served his mission) in 2003.
This is the morning I went to get induced for Harrison. It's so funny because I remember thinking that I never got huge in my pregnancy! HA! So almost exactly 3 years after getting married, we had our first child in 2004.
I had to throw in another from 2004, to show the new addition to our family. This was Harrison's Blessing Day.

July 4, 2005

Summer of 2006. Our teeth look blue because we had eaten our friend's 40th birthday cake with black frosting.

The day before our anniversary in 2007, we went to Sea World. Harrison was too mesmerized with Shamu to cooperate for the picture!
2008 and still going strong!

In my walk down memory lane, I got a little carried away and decided to go back to the very beginning. It all started in 1994 when Nate moved to Japan where I was living. Here we are at Youth Conference. There was a cake decorating class and it was Nate's birthday, so my friend and I decorated cakes for him. I have to say, nice jeans (me), nice hat placement (him), and thank goodness he caught up to my height eventually. (When you're 14 girls are usually a little farther along in their growing than boys!)

So, a few months after getting there, he went to live in Utah. Then he came back for our senior year and here we are at Homecoming in 1996.

Who would have thought those high school sweethearts would be married with two kids?

Nathan, I've loved you for a long time, and the longer we're together, the more I know how right we are for each other. Thank you for being such a great husband, father and friend!


Koenig Family Blog said...

I just got your message- looks like you figured it out! What a FUN post. Happy Anniversary!

John & Shauna said...

I love this post. HILARIOUS! I love the evolution of your hair.

SUP3RH3R0 said...

You guys look so cute together. Thanks for taking us back in time. It was a great trip.

Melissa said...

What great pictures! The hairpiece in your pre-induction picture is great (the wreath on the wall behind your head). And what cute pictures and you and Nate when you were teenagers!