Friday, April 10, 2009

Too Much To Post About

Wow, I am so behind on posting! This happens to me every so often and it feels really overwhelming to think about catching up. I need to post about:
-Harrison's picture and explanation of the plan of salvation
-going to Utah for our niece Sydni's wedding
-getting our house painted
-having my parents and Katy visit
-Nate's 30th birthday
-our trip to UT last July (see what I mean, sometimes I just get too behind and never end up doing it)

Instead, I'll post some of the funny things my kids have been saying/doing.

Elizabeth is obsessed with seeing her poop in her diapers every time she gets changed. "See my poop," she demands until you show her and then she always says , "ew." One time I rolled the diaper up and threw it away without showing her and she followed me around crying for the next 15 minutes, "See my poooop, see my poooop." I just couldn't bring myself to dig the dirty diaper out of the trash, unwrap it, and show her. I finally calmed her down by assuring her I'd show her the next one.

She is talking so much and has her own way of pronouncing certain words. My favorite is when she says she's eating "fips in the chicken." (Chips in the kitchen). She loves wice with kikikaka (rice with furikake, this Japanese sprinkle stuff you put on rice). When she requested "ronisheez" (macaroni and cheese) for breakfast this morning, I couldn't resist making it for her. I've never been a big breakfast foods person, so am totally supportive of these kinds of morning meal choices. (As seen below).

She loves to earn woodypops (lollypops) for going shi-shi in the potty. She also proudly points out when she leaves her fiakah (diaper) on (instead of taking it off and getting her poop on everything like she had been doing a few weeks ago.)

The other day after picking her up from being watched at a friend's house I asked her if she had fun and she said she wanted Mommy and that she was "big sad" and "lots of sad."

Her famous line when we're putting her to bed at night is "sugga me fie minute?" (snuggle me five minutes). Once five minutes is up and we try to get up and leave she gives us a vice grip around the neck.

She is totally obsessed with giving everyone a hug and kiss when saying goodbye. I think it's pretty sweet and am somewhat of an enabler in this addiction. I have been known to knock on friends' doors after leaving their houses because Elizabeth needs a hug and kiss or make people get back out of their cars when they're trying to leave. I had to draw the line when she wanted hugs and kisses from Jose and all the other painters working on our living room. That just didn't seem like the kind of thing I wanted to encourage.

Lately, Harrison has been giving me some words of wisdom. When we got lost at the airport trying to pick up my parents he said, "It's okay Mom, just hold on a minute. We'll find it. Maybe it's up around that curve up there." And then "Don't worry Mom, Jesus knows where everything is."

The other day he also told me, "Mom, when you're talking on the phone with your friends, don't say 'stupid.' No one wants to hear words like that. You really need to work on that."

A while ago I had borrowed his BYU hat to wear that day so that I could go one more day without washing my hair (Have I mentioned how much I hate doing my hair? I avoid it at all costs). Anyway, he had borrowed it back while we were at home, but when it was time to leave again I said I needed it back. When he said no, I said, "I really need it so my ugly hair won't show." He said in a rather loud, authoritative, and annoyed voice, "No you don't. You still look beautiful. Go look in the mirror."

Usually his compliments come in a much sweeter voice. He randomly says things like, "Mom, isn't Sis adorable?" Or "I like your attitude." Or "I like your eyebrows."

One morning I was praying by my bed (a major hit-or-miss work-in-progress for me bytheway) and he said, "Are you saying your morning prayers?" So I paused and asked if he wanted to say it with me. Then he looked confused and said, "But when you say morning prayers, you don't say anything." Then I had to explain about saying prayers in your head. It was just so funny to me that he had observed that morning prayers consisted of just kneeling by the bed for a while and then you're done.

A few minutes after mentioning that we were going to go pick out a b-day present for daddy, Harrison said, "When I'm an adult, I'm still going to love toys." (Meaning, let's get dad a toy for his b-day so I can play with it.)

On our road trip we were playing "I'm thinking of an animal" where I describe an animal and he guesses what it is. I was describing a gorilla and he guessed monkey. I said, "It's bigger than a monkey." He said, "A fat monkey?"

One day he said, "Mom I like Dancing With the Stars better than American Idol." I asked why (silently praying it's not because of the skimpy costumes) and he said, "Because, I like stars." (In a duh kind of voice.)

So while I've been blogging, these little munchkins have been entertaining themselves with playdough (a much better choice than they usually make while I blog). When I saw that they had mushed all the colors together, I was bugged at first and then I realized, it's better for them to get an hour's worth of entertainment out of that playdough, then to have it sit neatly in it's separate jars and never get used.

Notice who tries to be just like her brother, not only copying his every move with the playdough, but also with the fashion statement of shirt only.

These kids are so darn cute, funny and easy to love (not as easy to take care of, but that's another post). I'm so glad I get to be their mom.


Sarah and John Root said...

I love your posts and your kids' comments always crack me up :). I can totally relate to you with the Playdough colors being mashed together :)!

Melissa said...

Another hilarious post. "You really need to work on that." I love it when kids say adult things.

Billy said...

I know you've got pictures of Nate in the same outfit that Harrison is wearing there at the end of the post. Looks just like his Dad, no pants.