Monday, April 20, 2009

Call Me Crazy

So I really thought I was losing my mind today. Harrison was home sick from school AGAIN (apparently it's becoming a Monday tradition). At least there wasn't any more barfing. My kids have the uncanny ability to barf in their sleep. So when I went up to go to bed at 10 PM on Saturday and smelled that awful smell, I knew we were in trouble. An hour and a half later I had finished damage control and Nate finally got home from watching UFC at a co-worker's house. My husband has the uncanny ability to be gone when the kids barf in their sleep.

I digress. So we were stuck at home and I was going about my day in lazy-mode. Pajama bottoms, tee shirt, leftover hair and makeup from yesterday. Except I'm coming off of a lazy, snowed-in weekend. DVR caught up? Check. Blog caught up? Check. (Meaning, reading other people's. Not writing my own, of course. That's too labor intensive for a lazy day.) So we read books, and ate, read magazines, and ate, comforted Elizabeth after she electrocuted herself (really, she's fine), and ate, called my mom way too many times to count, and ate. Every few hours, I'd check my blog to see if anyone had updated and every time no one had. Seriously, no one? Not even CJane or Megan? They are the ones I can usually count on for a little hit when I need one. It really started to get to me. I thought, "Okay, I guess everyone else I know (and even people I don't know, but whose blogs I religiously read) has more of a life than I do. None of them are as addicted to their blogs as I am. They must be much more productive than I am. Why don't I use my time more wisely? Why don't I go clean something? I really think I need to check into a 12 step program."

Finally, once I got the kids to bed (extra early, because on a day like today, I just want to watch Dancing With the Stars, go to bed, and get on with the next day which will surely be more exciting.) I thought, "Fine, if no one is going to contribute to my blogging happiness, I guess I'll have to do it myself. Heaven knows, I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll go do a post, and hopefully remind a few people out there that they enjoy reading a post now and then and that maybe they ought to post, for crying out loud."

Then I remembered that my blog has been acting up. When I hit "New Post," it won't let me. So I have to hit the little pencil on an old post and then make a new post that way. That made me wonder if it was acting up in other ways. So I typed in my blog address instead of going through my blogger account and sure enough -- my girls had been there for me all along. My blogger was just holding out on me. I'm not the only one addicted to this stuff. (I'm sure that's what druggies and porn addicts tell themselves all the time). After catching up on the goings-on of all my friends and wannabe friends, I thought "That's better. Oh so much better." (To quote my sister Katy from a gas station bathroom stall after a much needed pit stop on our way to the beach. That's really how going a whole day without any new posts to read felt.)

So forget my other "problems" (laziness, procrastination, food addiction, blog addiction, parenthesis addiction (cuz seriously, I have that too)) just tell me how to fix my blogger.


Melissa said...

My blogger's been acting up, too. Every time I try to post, it says I've made an illegal request or something like that. But then it posts anyway. I'm so confused. And I'm so sorry about the barf, any time, day or night. Barf is of the devil.

Nash said...

i know exactly how you feel about checking for new posts. it drives paul nuts that i check facebook and blogs so much. he REALLy does not like it.
i try to do it quick, but i also try to comment on everyone's and that takes time.
sometimes i feel worse about myself (a reason paul doesn't like it) after reading other's blogs, but i have gotten way too many good recipes and info from them to stop.
are you on FB?

sarah said...

Michelle you make me laugh! I must admit I do get excited to check my blog when I have a lull in the day. I have noticed that my pictures of friends' blogs don't always update when they have added additional postings. I don't know why, but for that reason I click on their blogs just to be safe.

Sue Sparks said...

Michelle, you're funny! I like the "parenthesis addiction." I may have a touch of that too:)

jtibs said...

Hey-I'm a blog addict too and I shouldn't be because I stay up to late surfing blogs instead of going to bed which is how I ended up at yours when I didn't even know about before, but I certainly enjoyed it. That was a long sentence. Elizabeth is so big! I'm coming home for summer so I'll see you soon :) And I'm adding you to my list of blogs to frequent now.

Megan B said...

Blogger is so naughty sometimes! And I'm totally addicted too. In all ways. But you know that.