Thursday, April 22, 2010


The week before Easter Elizabeth came home from church and said, "Jesus was dead for 3 hours. That's a long time." She's so funny. Every week when I ask her what they learned about in nursery she says, "Jesus. Again." (in a somewhat exasperated tone). One time she said, "I don't know why we always learn about Jesus." :)
Anyway, we had a condensed version of Easter this year because everyone left that day. Nate's parents left in the morning and mine left after lunch.

Here are the baskets. A friend of mine gives her kids new swimsuits in their basket every year. We have two beach trips coming up, so I borrowed the idea this year. The big hit, however, was the cotton candy.

I had forgotten that my mom always made us bunny shaped pancakes on Easter morning until I saw her doing it for my kids. Traditions are fun!

We said goodbye to Obaachan and Ojiichan. Again. (This is our third time saying goodbye, because their mission keeps getting postponed. It gets easier each time because we feel like they aren't really going. But they finally have a date. Sad for us, happy for them. At least the sooner they go, the sooner they'll get back.)

We dyed eggs and made white chocolate lollipops with an Easter lollipop mold.

The only bites they took of the bunnies were in this picture. Nate and I polished them off later.

We went to Tibbitts to watch the morning session of conference and continue with the festivities. Julia and I hid the eggs. The kids enjoyed hunting for them despite the chill in the air.

One of the shirts I got Nate for his b-day. He looks pretty handsome in it if I do say so.

My mom and Cindy are the ultimate homemakers. Here they are in action.

One last picture before we leave for the airport.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in a little bit of funk that all of our loved ones were gone. I'm sure the massive amounts of sugar consumed didn't help.
But it was a lovely Easter. It's always wonderful to take extra time to reflect on the Savior and all He's done for us.

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