Thursday, April 15, 2010


Count your many blessings, name them one by one.
1. Harrison
2. Elizabeth
3. Jonathan

The list goes on and on.
We have been very blessed to have all four grandparents attend all of our childrens' baby blessings. We didn't think it would be the case this time, because Nate's parents were supposed to be on their mission. So we were trying to make it work with my parents' schedule. The best weekend for them was the weekend of Easter and General Conference. Since there was conference instead of normal church, we had to do it in our home. We decided to do it on Saturday, between conference sessions.

Nate's parents have had problems with his dad's paperwork and so they have not left for their mission to Japan yet. They called Friday to wish Nate a happy birthday and casually asked when we decided to do the blessing. Feeling horrible that we had never told them (because they were supposed to be in Japan) I said it's tomorrow at 1 o'clock. Nate's mom immediately started figuring out how they could arrange things to get here in time for it. We were touched that they were willing to drop everything and drive the 8 hours here for the blessing. They left at 4 AM Saturday morning and made it with an hour to spare.

My parents and Katy had been in town all week. They were a tremendous help getting everything ready for the blessing. They helped us clean and straighten the whole house and did a lot of baking for a delicious dessert spread for afterwords. We had some close friends over and it was indeed a special occasion. We are so thankful for friends and family, especially that both sets of grandparents were willing and able to make the effort to be here.

Jonathan's middle name, Masahisa, is after Nate's middle name, which is after his dad's name, which is a combo of his parents' (Nate's grandparents') names. Masao + Hisako = Masahisa. So it was extra special that Ojiichan could be in the circle to bless Jonathan Masahisa Watabe.
I also feel very blessed to have a righteous, priesthood-holding husband who did a wonderful job blessing our baby boy.

Nate's parents brought our nephew, Caleb, along. His middle name also happens to be Masahisa.

We borrowed this precious blessing outfit from our nephew Beau, who had just been blessed in it the weekend before. It looks almost identical to the outfit Harrison wore for his blessing that had also been worn by my brother, Andrew.

So many amazing blessings! Most of all the gospel of Jesus Christ, which makes it possible for these most precious family members to be together forever.


jtibs said...

Your family is beautiful! I'm so glad I could be there and see you all again on Easter!

Kelly said...

Michelle!! Johnny is absolutely adorable!!! I can't get enough of him seriously! Are his eyes going to be light? He is so cute and I loved all the pictures of your special day. That is so touching that Nate's parents came into town too. I cried when I read it and they are not even related to me. (pregnancy does that!). I also had my 37 week check today. Not dialated, baby's head down, and I have Strep B, which I've never had before. I am concerned but not freaking out. I'll call you when my family leaves. They come tmrw. and leave Wed. am. I love you and miss you, we haven't talked in a while!!

The Morris Family said...

Such a beautiful family Michelle! All three kiddos are just too cute for words. You look fantastic too by the way! I hope that I look that good after having this baby. Congrats on Johnny's blessing too...what a miracle our children are huh?

Dan and Dee said...

At some point I always catch up on your blog. Today was my day. Fun fun fun having the gparents there for the baby blessing. Great shots! Love Johnny's smile-so cute how Nate holds him...Your family (extended as well) looks great. Loved the St.Pat's Day fun. Where are your in-laws going on their mission in Japan? I just got back from a week in Tokyo-cherry blossom season! I came home in a snow storm to Russia, ugh. Anyway, you all look/sound wonderful! AND-it IS a blessing Nate can bless your babies!

Sara said...

That is so awesome that Nate's parents got to be there for the blessing. What cute outfits for all the kids. I think I see lots of you in Jonathan!!! He is a doll!

Andra Ingebretsen said...

Michelle! I am loving getting a glimpse of your life. Your children are gorgeous! Congratulations.