Sunday, November 15, 2009

Love This Girl!

Elizabeth has decided she is not a fan of feet pajamas. So we had to get her some new winter pajamas, sans feet. There were lots of cute choices, but I couldn't pass these up.
We have fun seeing which pajamas she will pick to wear each night (and sometimes trying to sway her choice!)

When I first showed her the pajamas she said, "But about (what about) I wuv Heson (Harrison) and I wuv Zibis (Elizabeth)?

Speaking of love, she frequently says, "I hate you. I love you. I do. I don't." Which is a variation of one of Harrison's sayings that HE thinks is funny. Another thing she learned from Harrison is "I'll always love you, even if you're ugly/fat." She also says a lot that she loves me the most, and daddy the most, and Heson the most. But if you get mad at her she is quick to point out that she doesn't love you anymore.

I'm pretty sure she knows that I will ALWAYS love her!

She got into the lipstick the other day and had fun showing off her new look.

Another unintended matching day (not that I am at all opposed to intended matching). The little grey dress was hand-smocked and sewn by my lovely mother, for me as a child. I really can't get enough of putting her in my old church dresses.

We're about to be out numbered, so us girls are going to have to stick together! I sure do love her!


Jordan Merrell said...

She is so dang cute and you look so good!!! I bet that she is so fun!

Tiffany said...

I love the pictures! Especially the one with both your eyes all scrunched up :) It's adorable!