Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Pricey Pedicure

Like my pedicure? (My brother, Matt, would be throwing up in his mouth if he saw this picture. He can't handle feet. ) I went my usual frugal route and painted my toes myself.
Then I made a fatal mistake.

I left the polish bottle out.

At a height that could be reached by a two year old girl.

Who had been found trying to paint her own toes earlier this week.
At which point I moved all the polish up to a higher shelf.

Why oh why didn't I put this bottle back on that high shelf???

As soon as I smelled that distinct nail polish smell, I knew I was in trouble.

Wow, that pedicure just got a whole lot more expensive.

Based on the evidence, it looks like she started with painting the top sheet. Then spilled on the fitted sheet and onto the floor. Then tried to clean up (there were lots of cotton pads rubbed pink that I assume caused that biggest part to be so smudged.) FYI, pouring finger nail polish remover and then rubbing just makes everything worse.

Here she is making a pretend phone call. I guess she wanted to tell someone all about it (wonder where she gets that from).

I don't know why these pictures came in like this, I even redid it and it didn't work. Kat(e) more advice?

This picture is to show that it's on her face and in her hair. I haven't tried to get it all off yet (other than a bath). She recently developed an eczema type thing and I don't have the heart to put acetone on her.

So, hot pinkish-red paint all over is her new look. "Cherries in the Snow" to be exact.

I really couldn't get mad at her. This one was totally my fault. I dreaded calling Nate, but he was really calm about it. I'm glad I'm married to a mostly mellow man.

The plan is to move the "bed," AKA white trash mattress on the floor, to cover the stain.
That's a pretty white trash plan.

Some friends and I were trying to come up with a more PC term for that racial slur.
We decided on "one who would be comfortable in a trailer park."

But I don't know if that's quite right, because despite some of my white trash decorating decisions, I've been to trailer parks and I do not feel very comfortable there.

Maybe taking my nail polish covered daughter with me would help.


Melissa said...

You are so funny, especially the part about white trash and trailer parks. Do you know anybody with a steam cleaner? We have one and Jacob is pretty good at getting stains out. Let me know if you want to borrow it!

Jenni C. said...

Sorry about the nail polish remover. :(

Camille said...

Wow- that is quite the stain. And I thought Chance's melted crayons on my carpet was bad... Does nail polish ever come out?? On the bright side, your toe nails do look rather nice! :)

ray said...

hee hee hee! hahahahaha! I've had so many experiences like this, I've lost count. And it always seems to come back to something I did amiss.

There's a pretty good product called Oops! that gets out paint-like stains. (Although it does require some elbow grease.) I've used it on house paint, acryllic paint, stamp pad smudges, sharpie and black Color Wonder ink (bad product, I don't think they sell it anymore). The only thing it didn't work on was red Crystal Light!

Sue Sparks said...

I guess it could have been worse, right?!?

Megan B said...


Dan and Dee said...

one of our girls thought the lid was on the polish and she went to shake it up and it went everywhere--beautiful blood red! The fingernail polish remover worked to get it out. It didn't work for you??? bummer!!!! Another product we used is called energine, it is in hardware stores and at some grocery stores. I hoe you get it out.

Christensen's said...

Bailey did the same thing when we lived in provo. what a mess. nail polish is NOT fun to get out of anything! good luck with it