Thursday, May 31, 2012


 You know the drill.  Click here to read a post my friend did that involves us.  It was super fun, as always!

It was Harrison's last day of school today.  We had a fun lunch at the park with other friends who go to our school.  And we had our 2nd Annual Last Day of School Backyard Family BBQ.  I introduced our new summer jobs/rewards system.  I hope it goes as well as I'm envisioning.  I'm always trying to come up with new ways to get my kids to do what I want!

Harrison is very sad about leaving his teacher and his friends.  He's an emotional, sentimental child (wonder where on earth he gets that from).  He told his friend, "I miss school.  There are a lot of depressing things when you're 7."  Maybe I should sensor more of what I say around him.  Why does he even know the word depressing?? We really did LOVE his teacher this year.  It was her first year, which made me nervous because I've been there.  But she was amazing.  Way better than me my first year!  Perfect for him. He behaved well for her and learned so much!!!  I'm so glad we repeated Kindie.  Otherwise I'd have a 3rd grader on my hands.  It's sad enough that I already have a 2nd grader and will have to say goodbye in 11 years.  Depressing, even. 

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