Tuesday, August 30, 2011

O, How I Miss You!

I know I have fallen off the face of the blogosphere, and with all the catching up I have to do this is the most random thing to blog about. But I miss Oprah. I mean I really miss her bad. Like one of my best friends moved away. I didn't notice it as much over the summer because it's always reruns in the summer anyway. And the days have no structure. But now that school has started, I'm really feeling the void. I know the season wouldn't have started yet if there were going to be one, but it would be around the corner. I have nothing to look forward to. 4 o'clock rolls around and I glance longingly at the big, dark, quiet TV screen missing my friend. It really is so sad to me. The end of a long relationship that spanned the decades of my life. Over, just like that.

It's not helping that we are in the barren dessert that is end of summer TV. Design Star and Project Runway just aren't enough to keep me going through an entire week. Any suggestions of a good Oprah replacement or shows I should be watching right now? I know, this is SO pathetic! I'm trying to read books to entertain myself, but reading makes me awfully sleepy!

Maybe I should catch up on this blog with my extra time! Until then, thanks for all the good times, Oprah. You are dearly missed.


brittany said...

michelle, you crack me up!! i'm sorry you are missing oprah. i have heard that the great food truck race on food network is really good, but other than that, we are definitely feeling the tv drought as well.

Kelley Gubler said...

Um....dont judge me but im seriously addicted to Bachelor Pad. Seriously. Hilarious.

Melissa said...

You could get Netflix or Hulu and watch t.v. series on those. There are a ton that I will never have time to watch.