Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Outfits, A Christmas Miracle & The Big Man

Because Elizabeth grows so slowly, she has lots of Christmas outfits that still fit (parts from all of them since her first Christmas). We find things that coordinate for the boys and look Christmasy at church for the whole month of December. Here are the outfits from 2009.
Elizabeth's outfit from 2008 looked great with Harrison's outfit from 2004, which fit Johnny perfectly.
Here are the pictures from the Santa visit. I forgot to upload the one of all three of them. I'll add it later. Elizabeth had accidentally told the Santa at the church party that she wanted a Barbie. She kept asking me to remind her to ask this Santa for a Princess Umbrella. She remembered all on her own.
She said she wanted to wear red and white to match Santa, so this is what we came up with.
Johnny had the typical baby's response to Santa.

I mentioned the Pillow Pet incident in my last post. Harrison was thrown off because when he told Santa he wanted a Pillow Pet, Santa asked which one and then named a few. Harrison had been teetering between a panda and a dog. Well, Santa named off a few including the dog. He did not mention the panda, so Harrison took that as meaning the panda was not an option. Grandma went out and purchased the dog the next day and the panda is sitting in her basement waiting to be returned to Bed, Bath & Beyond.
We had a bit of a Christmas miracle that day. We had to go to a different library because I didn't sign up in time for our local library. It was 30 minutes away. Well, we left his school uniform sweater there accidentally. He and I were both pretty upset about it. Him because it meant he'd have to tuck in his shirt (he loves the sweater because you don't have to tuck it in) and me because going back to get it would be a major pain especially at this crazy time of year. Later that day I was helping in his class and in walked a parent with his sweater. I was stunned, confused and very happy! It turns out that another parent from our school had been at the library and seen the sweater with the school logo on it on the floor. She brought it to the school and because I had written our name in it, they brought it straight to his classroom. Yeah! These are the Christmas outfits from 2007. Elizabeth's 12 month skirt still fits. Harrison's tie still fits (getting a little short) and a friend was selling Johnny's outfit at a garage sale that was from the same collection. So, so cute! Nate didn't get the memo about wearing grey and red, so he was the photographer.

Little Two Fingers looking quite spiffy. Of course, he wanted nothing to do with the hat during church. None of my kids have tolerated hats.
We're at my parents in Virginia right now having so much fun!!! If I have time I'll do some posts from here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!


Kelly said...

Michelle! I LOVE all the pictures and coordinating outfits. I can't believe Elizabeth still fits in her 12 month skirt! That's crazy! You look gorgeous and so skinny! I miss you and am glad your having fun in Virginia. Call me when you get back! I love you!

Jordan Merrell said...

Your kids look so cute in their Christmas sunday clothes! And you look beautiful like always! I can't believe Elizabeth is little enough to still wear the skirt. that is so cute! I was hoping Camryn would be little and petite but no such luck :) Merry christmas and happy new year! I hope that you have a wonderful time with your family!

Andra Ingebretsen said...

I was just commenting to Robby that your kids are darling. Then he told me he just ran into Anna Marie at church on Sunday and she is your Visiting Teacher! I could not be more jealous that you guys are hanging out!!!!! I miss you and Anna Marie is super fun. Maybe sometime out paths will cross again! Anyway, thinking of you!