Thursday, August 12, 2010

Harrison Family Beach Portraits

I promise we've done more than just go to the beach this summer. I have several yet-to-be-written posts to prove it. Until then, we spent the last week with these people, some of my favorites in the whole world.
My family in Sandbridge, Virginia. This was our sixth Harrison Family Beach Vacation and it did not disappoint.

When babies are added to the family, we do family pictures. First two rounds of babies we stressed over buying matching outfits, hired professional photographers, and didn't really love the pictures. We've added three baby boys to the family this year, so it was time for pictures again. This time we told all the girls to bring a white skirt and some solid shirts, meant to tell all of the guys to bring khaki pants (oops! -- they all had some except Trav, oh well) and white shirts, and then we threw it all together the morning of. We used the timer on Kate's camera with a tripod and were quite happy with the results. I think we'll go the lower stress/no cost route from now on.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.

Our Family.

My older brother, Matt and his wife Wendy, with their kids, Gwen, Emi, and Blake.

My younger brother, Travis, with his wife, Kate and their baby, Beau.

The core Harrison Family.
These two cuties in their matching shirts (okay, so we still did some matching!). We gave the baby boys mobster nicknames. "Johnny Two Fingers" (said with mob accent "Two Fingas") -- earned his name for obvious reasons. And "Little Beau Blue." Little because he's HUGE (he's just one month older than Johnny, but outwieghs him by 3 pounds and probably as many inches). Blue because of his big blue eyes. Not pictured is "Blake the Snake," which just sounded like a good ganster name.
Little Beau Blue liked to kiss/maul Johnny Two Fingas every chance he got. Two Fingas was unphased.
I'm going to catch up on the rest of the summer and then actually blog the beach trip for the first time ever. I say I'm going to every year, but I really mean it this time.

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