Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting Closer

I don't really get the "nesting instinct," but I have forced myself to do some preparing for the baby.

*I did get a really strong urge to clean and organize my bathroom last week. After 2 hours, I had a big bag of things to throw out and a sprakling bathroom.

*That same day, I finally got out the baby clothes. Styles have changed in the last 5 1/2 years, but I don't really mind, especially for the tiny new born clothes, that are just sweet and comfy anyway.

*Last week we all got haircuts. Elizabeth's is the cutest -- I'll post a picture soon. I really don't love mine, which is an unfortunate thing to have happen the week before you have your baby. I didn't need to feel any uglier, but oh well. Hair grows, and I'll be cooped up in my house for the next month anyway.

*This week I got my list of errands done, stocked up on food and got Harrison started on his Valentines! We also got out all of the Valentine's decorations and Harrison's love for decorating for each holiday is just as strong as it was at Christmas.

* I finally put my book down for a few hours and organized the office. It is a task that constantly hangs over my head and has to be done at least once a quarter. This time, I am determined to follow the "one touch rule" of organizing so the papers don't pile up. It could still use some work in the funcationality department, considering it's an office/craft & sewing room/toy room/guest room. Maybe Mom can help with that.

*I got my pre-delivery pedicure! A must for every expectant mother, in my opinion. The poor girl had to scrub my heels for about an hour to get all the calluses off. They look and feel so much better! I was trying to go for a Valentine's look.

*A big snowstorm is coming to D.C., so my mom moved her ticket up a day, and she'll be here tomorrow! Otherwise, she might have gotten stuck and not made it until Monday. Sooner is definitely better than later. I'm still holding out for Sunday, the 7th though.

*My stomach feels a little strange today. I have a Dr's appt. this afternoon. We'll see what they say. Last week the Dr. said I was, "not what he would call ripe."

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