Friday, December 4, 2009

Cutest Christmas Present Ever

This post has been a work in progress for about 10 days. I have repeatedly tried to upload the second video and have not had any success, so I'm giving up.

Elizabeth had her first dance recital. I must say it was one of the highlights of my life as a mother thus far. I know that may sound a little dramatic, but it was so fun to do her hair, put make-up on her, and then go watch her dance on stage. She didn't have one bit of stage fright or hesitation. She is in the youngest class, and as you can see, she's one of the littlest ones. They were so stinkin' precious!

They were supposed to be Christmas presents. Adorable!

She did the whole thing with a broken arm too! (You can see a bit of her new purple, sparkly cast -- a separate post on that later).

Here she is showing how to hold your hands in whatever position that is!

Here she's showing how she's taps her foot at the beginning of the dance.

Claire and Elizabeth. I always think that Claire is the blond version of Elizabeth, they make the same facial expressions and remind me of each other (this picture isn't a good example of it).

Here she is with her dance teacher, Miss Mindi. We are sad that Miss Mindi won't be doing dance again for at least a year. Elizabeth has grown to really love it and look forward to it, asking everyday if she has dance today.

Unfortunately, I was the only member of the fam who could come support our little dancer. Nate is out of town and Harrison had a birthday party. (He did get to come to the dress rehearsal). When he realized he had missed the recital he was very disappointed. But honestly, I think it was more enjoyable for both of us for him to be at the party!

A friend of mine gave me some of the roses out of her bouquet for her daughter to give Elizabeth. Good thing we're not all slacker moms!

Okay, I rarely watch videos on other people's blogs. They take too long to upload so this is mostly for Daddy and Grandparents/Aunties! If you do watch it, listen for the beginning when she says, "Why is all them still talking out there?" AKA don't they know they are supposed to be paying attention to us?! Also watch for how concerned she gets that there is an extra present and how she is so conscientious about staying right on her spot.

The tap dance was to "If You're Happy And You Know It." At one point they were supposed to shake their hips and Elizabeth still sings around the house, "If you're happy and you know it, shake your bum." And then she chants, "SHAKE YOUR BUMS! SHAKE YOUR BUMS!"

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