Monday, October 26, 2009


We had some of Nate's family come visit last weekend. It was the first time his mom and his oldest sister, Wendy, and her son Sterling had been to our house. His dad had been earlier this year.

They arrived Thursday afternoon. Friday morning they got up early and went to the Denver Mint. That afternoon Nate and his dad went golfing and the rest of us went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. I left my camera in the car and was too lazy to go back and get it. So if I can ever figure out how to get the pictures off my phone, I'll do a post about it.

Saturday we went and did sealings at the temple. I seriously almost passed out and decided that I won't be doing sealings again when I'm pregnant. I have never passed out, but that's the closest I've ever been and I didn't like it one bit. However, being in the temple with family is always special. I am so grateful that both sides of the family are temple worthy people who enjoy going together.

Then we went to Harrison's soccer game. It was fun for him to have an extra big cheering section.

Then we did our mandatory visit to Hacienda Colorado that we take all guests too. Never get tired of that place. Please tell me they have Hacienda in Heaven. Or at least, some great chips and salsa and shrimp enchiladas.

Next we went to Elitch Gardens. Thank goodness the tickets were free (from a guy at work) because it's the kind of place that's pretty fun as long as you didn't have to pay to get in.

Here are Nate and Sissie on the Ferris Wheel. I was a bit of a nervous wreck on that thing. She did not want to sit down and kept trying to look out over the edge.

Our view of the rest of the fam in the other car.

Harrison does this face when he's embarrassed/nervous and doesn't know what else to do. He wouldn't look up at us. It always makes me laugh.

Elizabeth didn't want to ride the boats at first. But she did want to ride the airplanes (must not have noticed that the airplanes go up kind of high).

She was not happy about that.

Then she wanted to try the boats. She liked that much better.

Neither child would have anything to do with the horses on the carousel at first. I tell you what, my kids are quite reserved about rides. Lizzie doesn't even like to ride the horse at the grocery store. They get it from me. I wouldn't go down the twisty slide at Burger King until I was about 9 years old. I actually quite enjoy roller coasters now, so hopefully my kids will get braver.

Harrison lovingly pointed out that the horse was old like Obaachan. I guess because it had grey hair. Personally, I don't think my mother-in-law looks old at all. She takes excellent care of herself and has those great Asian genes that age so well.

After seeing Obaachan ride the horse, Harrison got up the nerve to try it himself. He kept saying, "You promise it will be fun?" Then the minute it started he said, "I love it!"

So, we had to go for a third time. Thankfully there was no line, so we would get off and get right back on.

Elizabeth still wanted nothing to do with the horses, but Faith did get this
cool picture of her in the sleigh. I love the lighting.

Toward the end of the day, the kids started to get more brave and actually rode the bus (which they had thought was too scary earlier in the day).

They were also willing to try the swings, which they LOVED!

The funny thing is, we took Harrison to Disneyland when he was 3 and he rode every ride. All the "mountains." I guess he was just to naive to be scared then.

Sunday morning we all went to church. I put Elizabeth in her Hawaiian dress in honor of Obaachan (who is from Hawaii).

They all left after sacrament meeting. We were sad to see them go. My kids adore all family members on both sides and LOVE having visitors, so they are always pretty bummed when people leave.

Elizabeth continued in her sneaky, clepto ways the whole time they were here. No one's purses, gum, or cell phones were safe. We kept finding things in her closet and in her drawers. If anyone was missing anything, we'd ask Elizabeth where she put it. Sure enough, she usually knew where it was. This Saturday, she made it home from Target with a thing of eyeshadow in her pocket. I'm really going to have to watch this girl.

In other Elizabeth news, she wore panties for 8 hours yesterday and kept them dry the whole time. She's had them on this morning and has pooped in the potty. I'm a firm believer in child-initiated potty training. I provide all the tools and teach them the skills when they are interested, but I let them take the lead on when they are ready to stick with it. Of course, I encourage and praise and reward. But I do not say "I'm going to potty train my child this week." And I do not make it a power struggle. Harrison dabbled with it for about 9 months and then one day, he decided it was all potty all the time. She's been interested for almost a year and goes on the potty at least once a day. She almost 100% poops on the potty (Which really is the thing I care most about! So much easier to clean up!) So, I'm wondering if this it? I would really love it if she was fully potty trained before the baby comes. Even if this isn't it, I think we're getting really close and I'm pretty sure we'll be done by then.

Zoo (maybe), Pumpkin Patch, and Trunk-or-Treat posts to come! And I still want to catch up on some old stuff from this summer!


Julie K said...

Harrison cracks me up. Afraid of rides? He seems afraid of nothing! I love roller coasters and any ride that spins/goes upside down, but I am sadly alone in my family. Pie tolerates such rides and my kids hate them!

Your MIL is beautiful! (Not at all reminiscient of a horse with a grey mane!) I am surprised Harrison didn't say anything about her visit yesterday. We mainly just chatted about creepy Halloween things. Oh, and my "pretend" tattoos. I talked for quite a while about following the prophet and not getting any real tattoos! Hope they weren't confused.

My Five Little Monkeys said...

Came back to say...

I'm so glad that Harrison got the message last week about NO tatoos. I guess I totally set myself up for that one, but anyway. Yesterday was so fun in class. Amazingly they were all really calm. Maybe sugar in the morning is the key! Just kidding.