Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Gamma!

I promise, I really did start this post on my Mom's Birthday, May 13th. But it was a Wednesday, which are my crazy days (play group and mutual, with Nate in school until 10:30 PM), plus that day was Harrison's Pre-School Graduation. So, then it got neglected. It was supposed to be a tribute to my mom, because when I asked Harrison what his favorite thing to do with Grandma was, he said, "Cooking." That's my boy.

My mom is a very accomplished baker. She is also a great cook, but baking is her specialty. I am the opposite, because yeast scares me with it's finickiness. Here she is making her delicious dinner rolls with my kids when they were visiting in April.

I'm really glad I got these pictures. I have SO many memories of watching my mom make these rolls. She has her special ways and does it the same every time so they are uniform and perfect. I should have taken a picture of the finished product. Each one is a little masterpiece.

I'm so grateful to have a mom who is a true homemaker. She is such an example to me and tried her darnedest to teach me how to make a house a home. Even though I mostly focus on the things she taught me that involve food, the other lessons are lurking around in my mind, sure to surface one of these days!

I love my mom, Nate loves my mom (and wishes I were a lot more like her in some ways), my kids love my mom. She is great. I hope she has LOTS more birthdays to celebrate and
many more opportunities to cook with my kids!


sarah said...

So sweet! Aren't moms wonderful?! It is funny that we appreciate them so much more when we become moms ourselves. I am glad she could visit your family recently. I love those visits!!

Sue Sparks said...

She's a woman after my own heart:) The rolls look picture perfect! What wonderful memories are being forged:)

Dan and Dee said...

I will vouch for Michelle in saying Karen is an excellent baker! Looks like everyone had fun with her sharing her skills!