Friday, December 5, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It has been so nice to have the decorations put up early and enjoy them this week. Especially because we've had more snow, which really adds to the special Christmas Spirit! The other morning Harrison wanted to have a picnic, but the ground was covered in snow, so he settled for an indoor picnic.

Yesterday Elizabeth was admiring my pigtails (it's the only other option I have if I don't actually do my hair) and it dawned on me that her hair was finally long enough for real pigtails. She was being pretty cute posing for the camera.
Harrison came home very excited that they had made gingerbread "houses" at school. If I had known a one dimensional graham cracker with the corners cut off to make it look like a roof was enough to make him happy, we would have been doing gingerbread "houses" years ago!
Here are some pics of the decorations. Notice the $20, 6 foot Wal-Mart special that I had to beg Nate to let me get our 2nd Christmas. I actually don't mind it. We never stay home for Christmas anyway. I always say the first year we stay home, we'll get a nice tree. Maybe even a real one, I LOVE the smell of real Christmas trees! I have no shame about putting it up on this table to make it look more substantial.

We hate how ugly our Craig's List couch is, so I decided to cover it up with the darling Christmas quilt my mom made me. Then the usual black and white curtains just didn't match the rest of the Christmas decor. So I remembered this long piece I red fabric I had stored away and voila - a festive looking window treatment was born (see above pictures).
I love my nativity that I collected a few pieces at time for several years. I'm sure it's not done growing yet.

I started a tradition of collecting one place setting of Christmas dishes every year a few years ago. I've always had trouble figuring out how to display them. Well, thanks to a friend of a friend who gave us this hutch, I finally have the perfect place to put them this year! Bytheway, I'm having trouble finding one I like for this year. Usually Target or Kohl's comes through for me, but I didn't like their selections this year. So if anyone sees some cute Christmas dishes while you're out and about, let me know.

We also got a little more into the Christmas spirit on the outdoor decorations this year. It's still not much, but we're working on it. I was very happy that Nate bought an extension cord and figured out how to get it all hooked up. It was against his somewhat bah-humbugish nature.

It's so fun to see Harrison get even more into Christmas this year. He loves singing Silent Night and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. He looks forward to taking another link off of his Christmas chain every night. He watches the cartoon of the Grinch at least three times a day. And he told me today that, "Santa is nocturnal because he comes in the night." Quite an impressive observation!

Harrison's list gets longer with every toy commercial he sees. I'm having trouble deciding what to get Elizabeth though. Other than dolls, doll accessories, toy dishes and toy food, does anyone have any good suggestions for a 2 year old girl? (Her b-day is a week after Christmas, so I need even more ideas!)

I hope you are all enjoying the most wonderful time of the year as much as we are!


Melissa said...

First of all, really cute dishes! I love that idea! And we have a fake tree, too. I always grew up with a real one and tried to convince Jacob to get a real one our first year of marriage. But then somebody gave us their fake one, and "free" always wins the debate. Also, we never put up decorations on the outside of our house. Jacob always says that our neighbors probably think we're Jewish.

Tiffany said...

I love the red window treatment! It's very festive... and I think we have that same tree :) Well, similar at least, it's is a six foot $20 walmart tree too.

When Joylyn was two, she got a kitchen, a shopping cart, and some dishes. She also got some backyardigans toys, but she gets those every year :)

I'm having trouble with what to get Averi this year though... I really can't think of another toy she would like that we could possibly need!

JoMama said...

I think we have the same tree, I might have to steal your idea of putting it on something to look a little bit better!
I love your idea of collecting dishes, you have a really cute collection going on!
I will have to try to that gingerbread house-er, I mean, my children will have to try it.
You have so many great decorating ideas: window treatment, couch, dishes!

Luisa said...

a good small thing is a magnadoodle or aquadoodle. They have the cool glowing magnadoodles even.

Jenni C. said...

You house looks very cute...I do love the dish idea. I saw some cute dishes while out and about...I'm not sure where though. It may have been Macy's or JcPenney's. I'm not sure.

P.S. Thanks for the brownies and the brownie mix today. They are awesome. I'm waiting for ours to cool in the fridge and then I'm digging in. I hope your cold gets better soon.

The Harrisons said...

I love all the decorations!! As soon as I get my camera cord I'll update with all our Christmas decorations! I just love this time of year, but it's a little harder to get into the spirit when it's been so sunny and warm here.